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I visited my friend Carolyn’s Christmas Shop the other day and was so overwhelmed with the wonderful decorations she has for Christmas.  I came back to my house that still has no pictures on the walls and wondered what I could do to decorate for the upcoming holiday.  I’m still thinking.

In the meantime, I continue to work on Christmas presents that I cannot show, and since I’m not getting much else done, I don’t have much to put on the blog.  However, I will show a glimpse that hopefully will not reveal too much of something I’m currently working on.


I’m greatly enjoying the reading for my Doctor of Ministry classes but find myself wanting to constantly stop to look up the artists I’m learning aboutt.  I’m finding the internet both a blessing and curse in that respect. 

I googled David Ellsworth to look at his amazing work with wood that melds together his training in ceramics, talent with wood, and depth of spirituality.


While looking at his work I clicked onto Wendi Ellsworth’s gallery and found some amazing beadwork.  Her sea objects are astounding.


Then I looked at Nancy Chinn’s liturgical artwork.


Can you see why the reading is going slowly?  Each of these artist’s websites is a treasure trove.  Such inspiration!


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