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My third row of Chicken Scratch for the Stitch Explorer Challenge is done simply with variegated Watercolours cotton.  I made a “box” of four cross stitches and then laced a single strand through the legs.  Each box was completed before moving on to the next one to get the color gradations.  


I still like the first more traditional exploration band the best.

I think chicken scratch would be cool with beads added, but I don’t have time right now to look in my stash to see if I have any beads to work into a fourth exploration.  This will have to be it for now.  The new stitch comes on Sunday!


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The next row on my Stitch Explorer Sampler is another exploration of Chicken Scratch.  I doubt anyone would recognize it as that, but I used the basic ground of cross stitches, upright this time, and placed with uneven spacing to created an elongated space for wrapping with a gold thread.


I tried adding other stitches around these units, but found that it looked best just like this.

I’m working on one more row of Chicken Scratch variation and then I think I’ll be done with this exploration.  I like the more traditional one that I did first, in green, better than these others I’ve been exploring.  But I can definitely see the potential of this stitch.

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The stitch for January’s Stitch Explorer Challenge is Chicken Scratch.

Chicken Scratch is traditionally applied to gingham fabric and is used to decorated items such as aprons.  It employs cross stitch, running stitch and wrapping.


I immediately made a change from the standard way of doing this stitching by using 32-count pale green linen instead of gingham.  I placed the traditional base stitches with Medici wool across 8-thread units.  Then I did the wrapping with a subtly variegated perle cotton in nearly the same shade as the base linen, wrapping three times.  While it may not be obvious in the photo, the light plays very nicely across this combination.  

I could see this used as a decorative band on the neck and cuffs of a linen shirt like New Look  6677 view  A.


The instructions for this challenge are to “explore” the stitch by finding different ways of doing it.  So my next sampler row is begun with three strands of DMC cotton floss and tiny crosses over 4 threads.  However, they are spaced in an elongated arrangement, which I hope will give a very different look when I begin to do the wrapping.  I’ll be using a completely different fiber for the wrapping.  And I’ll probably add some additional stitches around these units.


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