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Here are the results of my first sunprinting experiment for my Monoprinting class with Susan Sorrell.  They didn’t turn out too badly for the first time.  I was right in thinking the paints should go on more thickly.  They’re pretty thin on the first two, and a little thicker on the second two.  I think I can go thicker still to get clearer, more distinct prints.

I am least happy with the shell print.  But as Susan says, it can always be used for something else.  I can see making some shell stamps and stamping it, or embroidering shell details in the shell shapes.DSCN1392

I’m most happy with the pasta.  I was surprised to find that the thin egg noodles made a great print.  I’m going to do more with them, and with other pasta shapes.  I  really like the way they turn out.DSCN1394  Here’s the full piece and a close-up.


The beans turned out pretty well. 


So did the shish-kebab-skewers.  I think different arrangements of these could be interesting.


On my walk in the forest today I took along my pruning shears and cut a bag full of snips from downed branches.  I got some buds from a cottonwood branch, some juniper snips, and some pinon pine snips.  I’m also going to go out later to get some sagebrush snips and anything else I can find in the neighborhood.   Then I’m going to press them flat so I’ll have more surface touching the fabric.

I also got some loose pieces of tree bark.  I’ll use these bits of nature for my next prints.  I also want to try buttons and scissors, and maybe some implements out of my kitchen drawers.

Now I’m in the process of preparing my flour sack dishtowels for dyeing for my TIF project, along with the fabric for a series of color run dyeing workshops.

I’m also hoping to get some glue batik experiments done today, before the next monoprinting assignment tomorrow.  I think I have a full plate.

Oh, I did get most of my embroidery threads organized the other night, and my sister Cindy left a comment with some of the ways she organizes her threads.  Anyone else have some good thread organizing suggestions?

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Progress is slow on my February TIF project.  Here’s a sketch I just made from the motif on my treadle sewing machine cabinet. DSCN1378 I still have some to make from the designs on the machine itself before I decide which ones to turn into embroidery.

I ordered some peach Procion dye powder since I wasn’t sure I was ready yet to try mixing colors and be reasonably sure of coming up with something even approximating peach.

My order arrived yesterday along with several other dye powders for more hand dyeing, and some Setacolor Soleil paints to use in my Monoprinting class with Susan Sorrell.  And 15 yards of PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric.  That should keep me busy for some time to come.

I did some fabric preparation yesterday and today, but have run out of “sun” time to do any printing or dyeing.  I need the sun for dyeing to warm up the garage where I have my makeshift dyeing studio. 

I’m going to try dyeing some flour sack towels peach and light blue and then do embroidery on them in the palette colors of blues, peach, and rust.  It seems like a lot to do just for kitchen/dish towels.  But then, I have reasoned, I use them a lot and wouldn’t it be nice to have some I could really enjoy?

And it fits with my ideas for the remembering theme:  Remembering embroidering dish towels as a child, and remembering learning to sew on a treadle sewing machine.

Since I can’t do any of the dyeing or painting work for the rest of today, I’m going to work on organizing my embroidery threads.DSCN1380   I’m hoping to find some in my stash that will work for this project.  Otherwise I have to take another trek to Santa Fe.  It’s a long way to go just for thread, and I don’t really have any other reason to go this week.

Over the years I’ve tried different ways of organizing thread.  None of which have worked very well.

Today, I’m going to put each thread in a little plastic ziploc bag, use my labeler to put on the color number, punch a hole in one corner and put them on metal rings (which I forgot to buy), and put in order by number or color (not sure which yet).  I hope this will make it easier to find and use them and know what I have and don’t have.

One good side benefit of doing all this project work this year is that I’ve set a goal of organizing as I go along.  So far it’s working pretty well.

Last night I finally finished the first sock of my pair of Just Plum Retro rib socks, and it fits!  I’ve made a good start on the second one.  I’ll photograph them when they’re both finished.      

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