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I’ve worked some on my Jelly Roll baby quilt and completed all of the blocks.  It turns out there are enough blocks to make two baby quilts.  I sort of thought that would happen.  I spent some time laying them out in what I hope will be a good arrangement, and got one set all pieced together.


I bought peach colored fabric for borders and backing, but I’m not sure how it will look.  It was tough to figure out what would go with the fabrics in the roll until it was undone.  I’ll try the first quilt with the peach, see how I like it and whether I have enough for the second quilt before I decide whether to do that one the same.  I think I’ll be doing simply straight line and diagonal quilting on this, since I want to machine quilt it, but don’t feel confident yet with free motion quilting.  Straight line should work well with this design.

John and I visited the Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park in Scotland Neck, NC today.  Pretty interesting place.  I couldn’t get many good pictures because it was around noon and a lot of the birds/ducks were asleep, or were behind fences or cages.  But we saw some really beautiful birds and ducks, anyway. 

I had a great conversation with a beautiful toucan who tried to lure me into sticking my finger into his cage.  He got upset when I walked away, and when I went back he entertained me by showing me his beautiful beak and eyes up close and demonstrating how he could pick up bits of fruit and toss them down his throat.  Sadly, I couldn’t get a good picture with the cage in the middle.

I did get this picture of a Hawaiian Goose — I really like the coloring and design on this creature’s feathers as you look down on them.


And this guy looked so wise.  I don’t recall what kind of bird he is. I don’t even know if it was a guy, but anyway.


And finally, a couple of plant pics:  Caladium and Bougainvillea, one of my favorite flowers.




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