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No visual or fiber arts to write about today as I have been focusing on reading Resounding Truth for my D.Min. class on Aesthetics.

This book seeks to develop a “Christian wisdom of music,” and thus far I have read about the development of Christian thought regarding music from pre-Augustine through twentieth-century composers Olivier Messiaen and James MacMillan.  This excursion has included looking brief looks at Bach, as well as theologians Schleiermacher, Barth, and Bonhoeffer.  A pretty eclectic mix.  

I am in way over my head as I don’t have much grounding in the music side of this discussion.  Fortunately the theology and philosophy are familiar to me, although not specifically the perspectives on music.  It’s really fascinating and I wish I could stop to listen to every music piece and do further reading (or re-reading) of the theologians.  

I’ve just downloaded (from iTunes) and listened to MacMillan’s Seven Last Words of Christ performed by the Dmitri Ensemble and Chorus and it is amazing.  This is a recording just released — April 1, 2009 — in honor of MacMillan’s 50th birthday.  The piece was originally commissioned by the BBC in 1994 to be broadcast during Holy Week that year. 

I’m thinking this piece might inspire me to do another visual work and/or a participatory art project and study.

So much inspiration is coming from these readings and classes!


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