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Great Desserts

Most of my creative activity Friday and Saturday went into making desserts for our neighborhood Memorial weekend block party.  Several of the people who have homes in our little subdivision in Taos do not live here full time.  So whenever nearly everyone is here we have a party.

It’s become traditional for me to bring dessert, so I made two, both from Colorado Collage by the Junior League of Denver.

Citrus Cheesecake:


and Peanut Butter Brownies:


They both turned out great and everyone really liked them.


Yesterday I bought my very own drop spindle so I can return the one I borrowed.  I also picked up some Australian Coriedale roving and a book, Spin It, for a little extra instruction.  It’s already helped me to understand more fully some things Linda was trying to teach me that didn’t quite click on Wednesday.

I’ll finish up the dark green roving before I start on this.  Dare I hope to make some actually usable yarn with this next batch?

Today I’ll be away in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for the Fibre Festival.    


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