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Here’s the last of the mandala drawings I dredged up from 2001.  I won’t be able to post any pictures for the next couple of weeks as my husband has taken the digital camera with him on a trip to Hungary, but I’ll try to find some other things that I can post instead.  Hmmm…what will that be?  I don’t know, but I ought to be able to come up with something. 

This mandala is indicative of, you guessed it, the four seasons.  I’m having fun thinking about ways to execute these designs with mixed media, but do have to wait until after May and whatever assignments I’ll have after my two weeks in DC.


Two more books to read, three more papers to write, plus one presentation to prepare to go before the next session of D.Min. classes.  I’m beginning to think I might get finished. Smile.


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The operative word for me right now is “reading” as I work to finish three more books and papers for my May D.Min. classes.  This is some of the most difficult reading I have ever done, so it’s taking a lot of time getting through it.  It helps to have downloaded a dictionary onto my I-Pod.

Here’s another of my old mandala drawings from 2001. I really like this one.  It has a whimsical bent to it and I think it would be fun to do in fiber and/or mixed media.  I am getting all kinds of ideas of what to do with these mandalas, but I have to focus on READING.


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Here’s another of my mandala drawings from 2001.  Even though it doesn’t look at all like a traditional mandala, it still feels as compelling for me as when I first drew it.  I have usually written a little something about each of the mandalas after drawing them, and it was interesting to see where I was when I drew this one and the meaning I saw in it. 

While I’ll not share that here — it’s too long — it’s interesting to note that Carl Jung used mandalas in his psychological theory.



Incidentally, we have a bird (a starling) in our chimney/fireplace and are having trouble getting it out.  Any ideas?  Our dog thinks it’s pretty interesting, but that’s of no help at all.

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For many years I have played off and on with mandala drawings.  I first began doing them after taking a quilt design class in Seattle based on Katie Pasquini’s technique using the concept of mandala.  I then began to explore the concept of mandala further and have often used them when leading retreats and in my own journaling.  

I don’t usually follow the standard concepts of mandala with regard to a depiction of the cosmos, but use the limitation of a circle and, in most cases, repetition around the center.  Although I don’t always do that, either.   

After completing my Way of the Cross series I decided to pull out some of my old mandala drawings and think about how I might begin to use them to create some acrylic and/or mixed media pieces.  I have to do some searching in old journals and files to find most of them, but I did easily find a few that I early in 2001 that I’m looking at for possibilities right now.  

I can’t do much until after I finish the current round of D.Min. reading and writing, but I thought pulling some out and posting them might get me inspired to work with some earlier mandalas and perhaps create some new ones.

This one is from February 2001.  While I often color my mandala drawing with colored pencils, or in a few cases with watercolor.  The 2001 drawings are all in black and white.


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A TIF Sabbath

I’ve decided to take a July–seventh month sabbath from the Take It Further Challenge.  I was behind checking the assignment this month and I’ve had absolutely zero inspiration with respect to either the color palette or the theme.

I guess I shouldn’t say zero, because I read something last week that gave me some ideas and I was going to go back to it, but I have searched in vain and cannot find it, nor can I remember what it said. 

I tried doing some doodling/sketching to try to get some ideas flowing but just couldn’t come up with anything reflective of “Halfway Mark”.  I’ve even checked to see what other people are doing, although I usually wait until I have at least a start so as not to be influenced.  But not too many people have posted any results so far.

I have come to the conclusion that my halfway mark is a sabbath month–a time to rest (or cease/stop as the Hebrew means) from TIF projects.  

I did get one doodle that I like and think has potential, although not for July TIF.


I’m sure I was influenced by the Knock-Out roses that are blossoming so profusely alongside my screened-in porch as I was sitting there watching and enjoying some much-needed rain on Wednesday evening. 

Fortunately I took these pictures on Wednesday morning before the rain battered the blossoms.  A ruby-throated hummingbird thought they looked pretty good, too, and flew over just long enough for Mishka to see it and scare it off from behind the screen. 



I think this doodle could be a nice monoprint with embroidery embellishment.

I’m going to keep working on getting my workroom in order so that by the time August rolls around I may be more prepared for the next TIF project.   

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