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Here’s a picture of a pretty little knitted gift bag my Taos knitting friend, Laura, gave me.  Tucked inside was a safety pin full of pearl and bead stitchmarkers.  I’ll be reminded of her every time I use them.


Laura is the one who “founded” our knitting group that has become so close-knit (pun intended) over the past five months.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been meeting such a short time, because we’ve all become fast friends.  I will really miss them when I’m in Virginia, but I know that whenever I come back for visits they’ll be there on Wednesday nights.

Yesterday John, Mishka, and I went for a four mile mountain bike ride on a new trail.  It’s actually a short forest road off of a tight curve of hwy 64 as it heads up the mountain towards Angel Fire.

What a gorgeous place.  The road had only a few really technical spots for riding and it was bordered by a meandering creek and lush green grass.  Mishka was in the creek right out of the truck.  I don’t know how she knew it was there, but she was in it.

While we road she ran in and out of the creek, and the grass, and ran up the hill on the other side of the road, chasing who knows what.

At the end of the road was a pond surrounded by aspen and another track where we left our bikes and walked for a bit.


We found patches of wild iris all over the area.



In one place they were blithely taking over the human-made road.


Coming down the hill we rode about 10 to 12 mph and Mishka kept up the whole way.  After her running, sprinting, and generally nosing about, she was filthy and pretty tired.

When we got home, she laid down by my sewing chair while I worked on a new project.


Here’s a teaser.  I’ll post more tomorrow.



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I managed to stay away from knitting yesterday until last night when I decided to try knitting my sock with four needles instead of five (since I broke the fifth needle wrestling with the short row heel–yesterday’s blog).


It actually worked quite well.  As it turns out the lace pattern for the cuff is a multiple of three so it’s actually better to use three needles for this part of the sock instead of four.  But I will be heading out to the yarn shop to get a new set of no. 1’s this afternoon.


We went for a chilly walk this morning along the Rio de la Olla (Pot Creek).  It’s along a forest road that is closed to motorized vehicles during the winter to help protect the wildlife.  I suppose it’s also to help protect the road from four-wheeling damage and it’s also kind of dangerous with rock slides and trees falling.  We saw some of the damage caused by winter storms.


New boulders out on the road (we drove and walked this last summer and they weren’t there then) and lots of trees downed gave evidence of snow and wind.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of this happened yesterday or earlier this week.  We’ve had some horrendous winds throughout New Mexico.


Yesterday evening the sky was dark gray with clouds and brown with blowing dust.  It was pretty eery looking.  This morning there’s lots of new snow on the mountains. 


Mishka loves this river.  She is in and out of it as much as possible as we walk and she ends up covered with dirt.  But she has a great time.  There’s a small bridge that she has been interested in and today for the first time she disappeared all the way under it and came out the other side up an almost 90 degree bank that is probably ten feet high.  She can really jump!  She seemed quite proud of herself.  She did it so quickly I missed getting a picture.


The ice and snow is almost gone along the lower parts of this stream, but I spotted this ice-covered branch in the middle of it.


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A Dog Nose — 2

An occasional feature with words of wisdom from our English Pointer, Mishka.

Note: Dogs have lots of wisdom to offer, but you have to watch and listen carefully, or you might miss it.


Daylight Savings Time?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Daylight Savings Time!

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A Dog Nose — 1

An occasional feature with words of wisdom from our English Pointer, Mishka.


If you don’t use your nose…it just runs.

Note: Dogs have lots of wisdom to offer, but you have to watch and listen carefully, or you might miss it.

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