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On June 1, 2008 I wrote a post about the first Bow Tucks bag I made and included a tutorial for it.  I had no idea how popular it would be.  This past week someone linked the post and on Thursday it had  1,067 views.  791 people viewed it yesterday.  Amazing.  This is not the first time this post has been linked by someone with lots of views, but it’s a record.

I think more tutorials will be in the works for this year.  But I really think it’s that cute ladybug fabric that really does it.  To say nothing of the great pattern.  I want to try out the mini.

That is, as soon as the D.Min. dissertation is completed.  This is what it looks like in my living room right now. Note the highly neglected spinning wheel in the corner!  I have never been able to work at a desk, so I’m writing from a chair in the living room with books, papers, and notecards spread all around. (Parsonage furniture, not mine, for those of you who know me.)  Mishka is not happy because she has to compete with the books, etc. at my feet.

The dining room table (also not my furniture) has my “storyboard” with sheets of paper with chapter titles piled with notecards for each chapter.  Probably not the best of organizing systems, but hey. Note my new tagine on the table, as neglected as the spinning wheel, alas!

As of last night I have completed 47 of the required minimum 75 pages for the draft.  I think I’ll make it, but have a few more days of writing to squeeze in before my self-imposed deadline of January 25.  Did I mention I hate trying to get footnotes and bibliography in the right format?  The compete draft is due in Washington on February 1.  It’s looking more and more like I might make it, but it’s still going to be a push.

I’ve been loving working on this degree, but I am looking forward to getting back to some sewing, painting, and other fun stuff like blogging.

Not that working on a Doctor of Ministry hasn’t been fun, but I’m just saying . . .


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One of my D.Min. colleagues did a project with a mandala he designed and then painted with gouache paint.  It’s really nice, and it inspired me to sit down and do some playing around with mandalas myself.  I’ve always used them for quilt designs before.  Here’s one I made up several years ago.  It’s somewhere between 50 and 60 inches in diameter.

The mandala I drew Saturday night is only 6 inches in diameter.  That’s a huge difference.  But then the medium is different, too.  What you can do with fabric is TOTALLY different from what you can do with paint.  But, the interesting thing is that they are equally intricate.

Using the gouache I’ve laid in the first color which is a very lovely primary blue.  I’m going to be using a palette of hues between yellow and blue on the color wheel.  And there will probably be a touch of red, as well.  Here’s the first layer:


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Blog writing has been on the back burner for a couple of months now as I’ve been working on the projects and papers for my last two D.Min. courses.  My goal is to complete my Theological Aesthetics paper tomorrow.  That’s a big goal because I still have about half of a 15 to 20 page paper to write.

I’ve completed the art project and process paper for Art as Worship, Worship as Art.  It’s taken just about a month to execute this piece, but it’s now properly posted and sent out for my colleagues to comment on, so I think I can post it here now.

I was originally going to do something in textile arts, specifically a baptismal stole, to fulfill the requirement for a piece of art for use in personal and/or corporate worship.  But then I thought I really ought to do something that would stretch me more.  Since I really enjoyed working on The Way of the Cross, I decided to do something in acrylics again.  This time, however, I wanted lots of color.

We had been looking at triptychs during the class and I thought it might be fun to try making one myself.  A triptych is an art piece on three panels, often carved wood or painted, usually hinged, so it can be hung or stood on its own as an altarpiece.

I based my triptych on my favorite biblical passage, Isaiah 43, using verses 1b-2:

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.


I made the triptych so it could be free-standing on a worship table and be viewed from all sides.  The front depicts verse 2 and has verse 1b painted in metallic gold in Hebrew across the lower portions.


The colors of the waters and flames swirl together around a central spiral of verse 2 in Hebrew on the back


and move around to create a smaller spiral as the triptych closes.  

I happened to be working on this piece as word was coming in about the loss of Air France flight 447 from Brazil to Paris.  It became an appropriate way to pray for the victims and to reflect upon God’s presence in the midst of the tragedies of our lives.  

The finished triptych is 24 inches high by 32 inches wide; acrylic on wood.  

This is an original piece of art.  Please do not copy or post pictures anywhere without my written permission.

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I’m still working on a paper and a project for my D.Min. classes.  And neither has anything to do with fiber.  I did get some really positive comments on my first mixed media project “The Way of the Cross.”  So that’s been really encouraging and my next/current project is all in acrylic on wood.  I think I’ll wait ’til it’s finished to show it, since it’s not fiber related and this blog is mostly about fiber and textile.  I have at least one other idea in mind for some more mixed media with metal mesh, textile, and hand-made paper that I hope I will get to before too long. 

I’m still plugging away on my “Pentecost Socks” with not much progress to show.  Writing, painting, and, oh yes, work have conspired to keep me from all things related to fiber.  But I have a few things on the back burner that I hope I can get to after my D.Min. work is due at the beginning of July. 

I’ve noted Vicki’s blog here before and it’s always fun to see what she’s doing.  She’s now opened an etsy shop and to celebrate she’s having a drawing for some fabric she has dyed and painted.  It looks really exciting.  Check it out!

I’ll be doing a dyeing demo for the local quilt guild in July, so I’ve got to get going on some of that myself.

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I haven’t been keeping up with my blog while in D. Min. classes, but I wanted to post today about the exhibit we viewed at the National Gallery of Art called “Heaven on Earth.”  It’s a wonderful exhibit on illuminated manuscripts which happens to be something I’m very interested in right now.  

Here’s one of the pieces we saw.  This is from the National Gallery website — photos aren’t allowed in the exhibit.


Tomorrow we’ll be going to Baltimore to the American Visionary Art Museum and to the Walters to see the St. John’s Bible exhibit.  I can’t wait!.  P.S.  You can see more about the St. John’s Bible here.

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I have been working steadily to complete my preparations for my next D.Min. classes that start in just over a week.  While I was reading I decided to take a break and look at some of the artwork being referenced, rather than just reading about it.  I found this amazing 3D rendition of Picasso’s Guernica.  Since I don’t know how to insert videos into my blog, you’ll have to click on the link to see it.  It takes about 6 minutes to view, but is well worth the time.  


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Here’s the last of the mandala drawings I dredged up from 2001.  I won’t be able to post any pictures for the next couple of weeks as my husband has taken the digital camera with him on a trip to Hungary, but I’ll try to find some other things that I can post instead.  Hmmm…what will that be?  I don’t know, but I ought to be able to come up with something. 

This mandala is indicative of, you guessed it, the four seasons.  I’m having fun thinking about ways to execute these designs with mixed media, but do have to wait until after May and whatever assignments I’ll have after my two weeks in DC.


Two more books to read, three more papers to write, plus one presentation to prepare to go before the next session of D.Min. classes.  I’m beginning to think I might get finished. Smile.

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