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A New Year

It is astounding to me that although I have written very little on this blog over the last couple of years, it is still being viewed.  According to wordpress stats I have viewers pretty much every day.  Most of those views are on the Bow Tucks Bag tutorial, but some of my other quilting and sewing posts are still getting viewers as well.

Sooooo….I think I will take up writing on this blog more frequently this year as I transition from Virginia back to Taos, NM where I began writing this.  I’ll be posting more sewing tutorials as well as what I’m doing with the botanical illustration I’ve starting learning to do over the past year, and vegetarian cooking.  Other things, too.

Now that I am retired, I can return to these fun things and still find that there is always justenoughtime to do the things we really want to do.

Stay tuned.


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