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Blue Fleece Vest

In my effort to get back into garment sewing, I’m choosing some simple patterns and fabric that are pretty forgiving.  The hardest thing about the blue fleece vest I just made was finding a separating zipper that would work on it.  Color selection was nil, and I would have preferred a lighter weight one than the parka-style zipper I settled on.  But it worked okay.


I used this McCalls pattern in size large.  I had to stitch a little narrower seams from the waist down just to give a little more ease, because as usual, when it fits in the hips, it’s too big on the top.  And I didn’t want to try to mess with much altering.  The top is a bit big, but will be nice if I want to wear it over a sweater.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow, although I added some additional topstitching so every seam is stitched down, and I also basted in a few extra places beyond what the pattern guide suggests, just to make sure I wouldn’t have to rip anything out.  Ripping stitches out of fleece is not fun.

There are some other patterns for vests I like better than this one–especially that are more fitted–but one of the features of this pattern is the little left breast pocket for iPhone or iPod.  I also like the variations and the fact that I can use this pattern for my husband also.

Blue Fleece Vest  McCalls 5252

Blue Fleece Vest McCalls 5252

He tried my completed vest on and it fits him perfectly on top but needs to be narrower in the hips.  go figure.  He suggested adding a drawstring, which is not a bad idea.  Might make one for him sometime.  But first I want to make the pullover with the short zipper.


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