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The next steps on the Sweater Sampler are a twisted k1p1 rib and a k2p2 rib to demonstrate how an increase in the number of k’s and p’s in a rib increases the snugness factor.  I’ve seen this to great effect on socks.  I really like a k3p1 there.  

Then there’s the addition of different color stripe.  Here’s where I get to add the purple.


I learned something that should be intuitively obvious, but I didn’t know, having never done stripes on ribs before:  knit a solid row without rib at each color change to keep the color addition smooth.  

I love this green and purple combination.  Actually I’m using it quite a lot in my house right now and I learned yesterday that it’s one of the new hot color combinations for this fall in decorating.  I seem to be a bit ahead of the home fashion trends this year.


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I don’t have a lot to show for the last couple of days as my work life has been pretty busy. But I did manage to add the pink borders to my Starflower quilt (stack n whack).

Now it will be put aside until I get a little more practice with machine quilting.  I had hoped to take a class in a couple of weeks, but I learned that it’s full, so I may just need to do some more work on my own.  I simply thought a class would give me some of those added techniques and tips that are so useful from people who have more experience.

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I made quite a lot of progress on my sweater sampler last night.  The worsted weight, 4 ply yarn works up very quickly, even though I’ve added some extra stitches to help the knitting flow around the 16″ circular needle a little more smoothly.

So far on the sampler I’ve done stitches I already know:  garter, stockinette, and k1p1 ribbing.  What’s really nice about working this sampler, though, is the way Jacqueline Fee guides the stitcher through thinking about decision points for designing one’s own sweater and in noticing how different stitches function.  

For example, she instructs the stitcher to notice how the garter stitch makes for a wider fabric than the stockinette does.  

On the section on ribbing she points out how each ribbing pattern creates a different level of snugness on the sweater.

Today I pulled out one of my Russian scarves to wear with a white blouse and blue pants to work and it occurred to me that I should put some pictures of these scarves on my blog.

The one I wore today is hand-painted silk with ship and church motifs on it.


I have two of these hand-painted scarves by a very talented Russian artist named Larissa (my daughter’s name).  Unfortunately her signature is written in Russian and I don’t know how to translate it into English letters.  

My husband got these scarves for me on two of his many mission trips to Ivanovo, Russia.  I’ll show the other one another day.

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Well, I frogged the yellow Twisted Tulip socks.  They’re way too complicated to work on right now.  Not especially hard, just requiring concentration and undivided attention which I cannot currently provide.  I think they’re a vacation-in-Taos project.    

They’re going back into the stash for a while and I’m moving on to the Sweater Sampler from Jacqueline Fee’s The Sweater Workshop.  ‘Turns out I did not have any appropriate yarn in my stash, so I picked up some today in Williamsburg (about a 90 minute drive) at Knitting Sisters.


It was soooooooooo hard not to buy anything else, but I’m trying to keep the yarn stash as low as I can. Good thing I had John along to help hold me back from temptation because they do have some lovely yarns.

It was especially tempting since I just received part of my Knit Picks order which included Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby.  I’ve been wanting that book for a long time and ordered it along with the lace blocking wires which have not yet arrived.  I’m assuming they were shipped in a separate package, being long and narrow and sized totally differently than a book.  

I’m waiting on those wires so I can block my Aspen Grove Shawl.  We’ve had some cool, rainy weather today, and it’s reminding me that some cooler days will be arriving before too long that will be perfect for that shawl.

Another errand today in W’Burg was to get my new bike tuned up.  John has it completed and just needed a little adjusting help from an expert.  So if it’s dry tomorrow I’ll get to try it out.

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It’s Coming Together

I have the body of my Stack n Whack hexagons quilt pieced together with one border added.  

Here’s a picture of how some of the units went together in strips.

And here’s the entire body pieced.

I’m adding a one-inch border in black and I have some great pink/fuschia-colored fabric that I’m going to use to add an additional border that will be 2 or 2 1/2 inches wide.  The backing will be blue and there will be a black binding.  

Now I just have to figure out how to quilt it.

I’ve been thinking about a name and have decided to call this quilt “Starflowers.”

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I’m continuing to work on my Stack n Whack quilt.  I really need to think up a name for it, but nothing’s come to me so far. Here are some more hexagons.

Once the hexagons are complete the rest of the quilt gets put together in units.

Here are the units stitched together ready to be joined with the hexagons.

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Here are some more of the hexagons I put together yesterday:

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